About Lyedie

As a master coach and facilitator, I have been helping artists, entrepreneurs and leaders hone their craft and successfully get the word out for many years. Now I am turning my attention to the fulfillment of longing in the lives of women. Longings are a deeply felt full-bodied conversation that is always going on between self and the world, self and others, self and spirit. Your longings are a yearning toward wholeness.  Fulfilling a longing brings a resounding joy. . . . and the next thing. Losing touch with them, letting them languish or ignoring them, is a cause of great suffering.  What I bring to alleviating this suffering is a combination of rigor and intuition, a passion for the fullness of life, and a love for working collaboratively with capable, creative women who care deeply. Click here to read more about my work.

Lyedie has shown me how to see myself with more clarity and catch on to the ways that I'm thwarting what I really want for myself. . . . . Lyedie is wise, insightful and really on my side.  She has a wealth of knowledge and her tool kit appears to be bottomless!  Lately, I’ve been thinking of her as my secret weapon.

Chela Davison,  Director of Leadership & Innovation, Integral Coaching Canada