Daily Activism - More on that Morning Page

Good morning,
Lyedie here again from my blue chair.
I just want to thank you all for your enthusiasm about the Daily Activist's Log!  The response has been far beyond what I expected.  Many have shared my original post and 1000s of activists have downloaded the morning page. If you are among those who are taking 10 minutes in the morning to reflect and align your energy and attention with this page, it may be heartening to know that you are not alone in this potent pause. If you are curious and you missed it click here.

In the last few weeks, someone pulls me aside almost daily to tell me about it how it has strengthened their resolve and given their day a lift and a focus. Many have expressed curiosity about the design of the page itself. Questions about the The Wisdom Council abound. Next week I plan to address some of those questions. For now, I'm sharing a copy of my morning page from January 25th (the day that I first created it) as an example, to give you a sense of how I responded to the prompts on that first morning. (See below)

Your enthusiasm has helped me transform the concern that was keeping me up nights into a rumbling optimism. This project has given me an intimate glimpse into the power that is coalescing in each of us as we set out on this marathon of a renewed citizenship.

Make breakfast. Make love. Make some trouble on behalf of beauty, truth, and goodness.
Thank you for everything you do to keep putting power in the hands of love.

Onward we go!  Lyedie

Please go ahead and do share this post. And by the way, The Daily Activist's Log is available free of charge, Click here to download. 

My morning page on January 25th 2017

My morning page on January 25th 2017