Reported Results (Selected)

Landed that promotion

Received the New England Book Award for poetry

Made that move that I needed to make

Learned to love more skillfully

Love myself more now, without letting myself off the hook

Took the plunge and started a family

Took my seat as a leader in my family and my place of work

Finally getting what I’m worth for the work I do

Resolved that conundrum that had me stalled

Learned to speak up about what is important to me

The show sold out

Finally wrote that book

Published those poems

Rocked that interview

Made that series of paintings

Got that solo museum exhibition

Awarded that residency at MacDowell

Finished that script I'd been working on so long

Secured the dream job I’d been searching for

Summoned the courage to retire

A seasoned professional . . . . Lyedie is a delight to work with—smooth, polished, gentle and clear, stepping in at just the right moment with observations and guiding questions to help bring a muddy thought to a crystal-clear statement . . . Jump at the chance to work with her.

     LP, Consultant and Colleague, Hanover NH


Lyedie embodies the essence of brilliance and down-to-earth wisdom. Her elegant coaching style, intuitive sensitivity and relevant homework practices helped me embed the changes I wanted to make in my life. I felt her at my back with open-hearted presence and always sharp as a tack as I stepped into my new way of being. I have a deep respect for the sound methods she uses to get results, they work! I am now living my life with more grace and less stress. If you have something you're ready to change in your life, put yourself in Lyedie’s capable hands. 

Helaine Iris, Path of Purpose, Spofford NH


Lyedie has shown me how to see myself with more clarity and catch on to the ways that I'm thwarting what I really want for myself. . . . . Lyedie is wise, insightful and really on my side.  She has a wealth of knowledge and her tool kit appears to be bottomless!  Lately, I’ve been thinking of her as my secret weapon.

Chela Davison,  Director of Leadership & Innovation, Integral Coaching Canada

The work we did together two years ago just keeps on giving. I return to it often, continually amazed at the practical wisdom that was born out of our sessions together . . . . I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so seen, or so able to make such a profound shift in my approach to life.

M.L. Psychologist and University Professor, New Haven, CT


I began working with Lyedie at a point when I was finding it harder and harder to connect with my creative spirit, causing a downward spiral that was radiating out into my life. Her complete attention and fascination with my concerns, paired with her knowledge of the human psyche and belief in the realm of possibility has spurred me to rediscover and embrace even the smallest sparks within – honoring the obstacles and . . . now I’m stepping beyond them.

SO, Artist, Brattleboro VT