This woman is a practical mystic of a high order. If you are looking for a breakthrough. Lyedie is your gal.

J.T., Artist, New York, NY

Our work together has transformed my life in measurable positive ways . . . and she just helped me get another show!  Lyedie has helped me achieve clarity of purpose and the ability to prioritize time and skills for productivity in my field. With her guidance, this has become an unexpectedly rich time in my life. Her approach is inclusive and full of heart and sensitivity. I recommend Lyedie with enthusiasm and confidence.

Michele Ratte, Artist / Inventor


A seasoned professional . . . . Lyedie is a delight to work with—smooth, polished, gentle and clear, stepping in at just the right moment with observations and guiding questions to help bring a muddy thought to a crystal-clear statement . . . If there is a longing at play, jump at the chance to work with her.

     LP, Consultant and Colleague, Hanover NH


Lyedie embodies the essence of brilliance and down-to-earth wisdom. Her elegant coaching style, intuitive sensitivity and relevant homework practices helped me embed the changes I wanted to make in my life. I felt her at my back with open-hearted presence and always sharp as a tack as I stepped into my new way of being. I have a deep respect for the sound methods she uses to get results, they work! I am now living my life with more grace and less stress. If you have something you're ready to change in your life, put yourself in Lyedie’s capable hands. 

       Helaine Iris, Path of Purpose, Spofford NH


Lyedie, The work we did together two years ago just keeps on giving. I return to it often, continually amazed at the practical wisdom that was born out of our sessions together . . . . I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so seen, or so able to make such a profound shift in my approach to life.

M.L. Psychologist and University Professor, New Haven, CT


I hired Lyedie during a very difficult passage in my life. I was struggling with a deeply personal decision that was about to significantly impact my community.  The situation was complex and involved a multitude of world views. Her ability to quickly assess what was happening was brilliant; her intuitive and practical suggestions laid the tracks for me to transform my perspective and take bold action.  Not only did her input  lead me to the other side of a seemingly impossible dilemma, but I can truly say Lyedie helped me birth a part of myself that continues to serve me today.

      Jeremy Youst, Power of Breath Institute


Lyedie has showed me how to see myself with more clarity and catch on to the ways that I'm thwarting what I really want for myself. . . . . Lyedie is wise, insightful and really on my side.  She has a wealth of knowledge and her tool kit appears to be bottomless!  Lately, I’ve been thinking of her as my secret weapon.

Chela Davison, Former President, Integral Coaching Canada


Last night I attended an amazing presentation by Integral Coach, Lyedie Geer. The focus was time management for creative people. I attended with much prejudice, assuming we were going to learn about day planners and Google calendar. I was prepared to be bored stiff and take away a nice idea or two. Well, Lyedie blew my socks off. Her presentation gave me a deeper understanding of my creative process, and how to use that understanding to focus even more on my creative and professional goals. Her information is the kind I would attend to many, many times, as I would 'hear' something different every time. The content is powerful, and Lyedie's presentation style is earnest and heartfelt. Our entire audience of creative professionals (web designers, commercial photographers, graphic artists, etc.) stood up and applauded when she finished.

Luann Udell, Artist, Keene NH


Interesting things are unfolding since our work together . . . everyone is really feeling closer and more directed. Your special skills really made this get together. One of the best team building experiences I've ever had.

CS, Executive Director Kurn Hattin School, Vermont


Lyedie has a fierce intellect – softened by such a deep connection to practicality and heart.

IK, Coach and Consultant, Ottawa, Canada

Lyedie, You have been holding me so artfully and skillfully during our work together. I have been able to lean on your ever-readiness to accurately and intuitively sense when to intervene, listen, allow, and offer. The confidence I’ve built over these last nine months is far beyond what I could have imagined at the outset.

Bart de Bakker, Product Development, Shanghai, China


I began working with Lyedie at a point when I was finding it harder and harder to connect with my creative spirit, causing a downward spiral that was radiating out into my life. Her complete attention and fascination with my concerns, paired with her knowledge of the human psyche and belief in the realm of possibility has spurred me to rediscover and embrace even the smallest sparks within – honoring the obstacles and . . . now I’m stepping beyond them.

SO, Artist, Brattleboro VT


I have been working with Lyedie Geer for about 11 months.  Her coaching style and skills have been highly compatible within my heart and out in the world as an artist. Lyedie works from the inside out, then back again. Tears, laughter, spirit work, and rebellion are all part of the mix. I'm seeing my painting grow and more important, feeling myself emerge with more confidence and love.

BF, Artist, Putney VT


I would love a follow up workshop.  Lyedie was so calming and provided a wealth of information and helpful ideas, very applicable for all of us with such hectic lives, and stressed out selves. Those who took this class were really needing to find meaningful ways to create more order and calm in their lives to support their creativity and they found that here. She surpassed our expectations, we loved it!

Excellent presentation of cutting edge theory—then brought straight into how it is relevant and applicable in my life. A brilliantly designed day of learning; I leave here refueled and ready to approach my studio in a much more creative, productive and fulfilling way.

League of NH Craftsmen Workshop Participant