Who I Serve

I serve women who have potent yearnings, a creative ache; longings they find they need help to fulfill. This presents itself quite differently at different times in women's lives and it helps to have a guide who has a strong sense of what is needed when. 

Many centuries ago the mystics gave us the images of the triple goddesses Maiden, Mother and Crone to illustrate the phases of women's lives. Now, thanks to the equal rights movement, mothers are often also career women. With advances in nutrition and medicine, we are living longer, healthier lives. Between the phases of mother and crone a new time of life is opening up that has been coined Maga* for women.  Modern life has increased in complexity and with the addition of the Maga, I propose these four phases: Maiden, Mother-Warrior, Maga, and Crone.

Although I serve present day Maidens, Mother-Warriors, and Magas, the longings of the Maga are the primary focus of my coaching practice.



Young women who are dialing in to their life longings, finding their voices and knowingly or unknowingly setting trajectories in the critical realms of work, family, and home.


Mothers wrestling with the conundrum of tending their home and family alongside a fierce desire to fulfill their creative passion and generate income. Women and artists at mid-career who are finding and forging their unique version of success. 



Mid lifers (Maga) who are faced with resolving the roads not traveled who long to pursue something they have put off all their lives, or to complete an important project that isn’t fulfilled yet. Have you heard the call of the Maga? Learn More