Call to Artists

Coaching conversation with Lyedie Geer and a women focusing on fulfilling personal, professional, and creative longings.

What is arising in your work, and who are your champions?

  • Are you looking to cultivate a devoted following and to find powerful representation?

  • Do you know how to build the perceived value of your work effectively?

  • Would you like to manage your time in a way that supports your creativity?

  • How well developed is your capacity for the discipline that is required to manifest anything?

  • How well do you respond to the call of the work itself?

  • Would you like to open more fully and consistently to “the muse”?

  • What would happen if you were guided by inspiration and grounded in practical action?

Working the creative process—getting to know it better and to use that knowledge effectively to develop discipline is at the heart of the coaching I do with artists and creative entrepreneurs.  Then there is finding and forging new ways to place your work in the marketplace and promote it successfully—taking the work to the next level of recognition. These are essential aspects of the challenges that artists generally bring to me.  At the outset, I ask that you begin to see your Self as an instrument of creativity and we set out to hone that instrument.  Everything we take up —from the practical, to the sublime, to the seemingly ridiculous—flows from that.

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