This woman is a practical mystic of a high order. If you are looking for a breakthrough. Lyedie is your gal.         J.T  Artist, New York, NY


I'm Lyedie Geer and welcome to The Longings Project. 

My coaching practice is dedicated to helping women fulfill their personal, professional & creative longings.

I believe that fulfillment of those longings (however grand or intimate) are a burgeoning part of the beauty, truth, and goodness the world needs now.

I'm here to help you move beyond mere goal setting — to be your guide as you steer skillfully into the territory of what is deeply meaningful to you.

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Perhaps you are hearing the clarion call of mid-life, the call of the Maga? 

The Maga is a new term for a new phase of women's lives. One that is opening up on account of our extended life expectancy and the health, radiance, and vitality that is available to us now in our mid-century years. No other generation in the history of humanity has had this phase so available to them. In a very real sense we are pioneers as we learn to live into this exquisite and potentially wonderful time in our lives.

Like each phase of women's lives, the Maga phase calls forth specific challenges and opportunities. From years of research, working alongside thousands of women, and from my own personal experience, I've discovered some things about the longings of the Maga.


Click here to learn more about some of the specific desires and calls of the Maga, or here to learn more about the other phases of women's lives.

Lyedie has shown me how to see myself with more clarity and catch on to the ways that I'm thwarting what I really want for myself. . . . . She is wise, insightful and really on my side. Lyedie has a wealth of knowledge and her tool kit appears to be bottomless! Lately, I’ve been thinking of her as my secret weapon.

Chela Davison, Former President of Integral Coaching Canada

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About Lyedie

As a master coach and facilitator, I have been helping artists, entrepreneurs and leaders hone their craft and successfully get the word out for many years. Now I am turning my attention to the fulfillment of longing in the lives of women.

Longings are a deeply felt full-bodied conversation that is always going on between self and the world, self and others, self and spirit. Your longings are a yearning toward wholeness. Fulfilling a longing brings a resounding joy. . . . and the next thing. Losing touch with them, letting them languish or ignoring them, is a cause of great suffering.

What I bring to alleviating this suffering is a combination of rigor and intuition, a passion for the fullness of life, and a love for working collaboratively with capable, creative women who care deeply. Click here to read more about my work.

The work we did together two years ago just keeps on giving. I return to it often, continually amazed at the practical wisdom that was born out of our sessions together . . . . I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so seen, or so able to make such a profound shift in my approach to life.
     M.L. Psychologist and University Professor, New Haven, CT


Who I Serve

I serve women who have potent yearnings, a creative ache; longings they find they need help to fulfill. This presents itself quite differently at different times in women's lives and it helps to have a guide who has a strong sense of what is needed when. 

Many centuries ago the mystics gave us the images of the triple goddesses Maiden, Mother and Crone to illustrate the phases of women's lives. Now, thanks to the equal rights movement, mothers are often also career women. With advances in nutrition and medicine, we are living longer, healthier lives. Between the phases of mother and crone a new time of life is opening up that has been coined Maga* for women.  Modern life has increased in complexity and with the addition of the Maga, I propose these four phases: Maiden, Mother-Warrior, Maga, and Crone.

Although I serve present day Maidens, Mother-Warriors, and Magas, the longings of the Maga are the primary focus of my coaching practice.



Young women who are dialing in to their life longings, finding their voices and knowingly or unknowingly setting trajectories in the critical realms of work, family, and home.


Mothers wrestling with the conundrum of tending their home and family alongside a fierce desire to fulfill their creative passion and generate income. Women and artists at mid-career who are finding and forging their unique version of success. 



Mid lifers (Maga) who are faced with resolving the roads not traveled who long to pursue something they have put off all their lives, or to complete an important project that isn’t fulfilled yet. Have you heard the call of the Maga? Learn More

Lyedie embodies the essence of brilliance and down-to-earth wisdom. Her elegant coaching style, intuitive sensitivity and relevant homework practices helped me embed the changes I wanted to make in my life. I felt her at my back with open-hearted presence and always sharp as a tack as I stepped into my new way of being. I have a deep respect for the sound methods she uses to get results, they work! I am now living my life with more grace and less stress. If you have something you're ready to change in your life, put yourself in Lyedie’s capable hands. 
Helaine Iris, Path of Purpose,  Spofford NH

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Reported Results

Found my vocation
Landed that promotion
Made that move that I'd been longing to make
Learned to love more skillfully
Loving myself more without letting myself off the hook
Took my seat as a leader in my family and my place of work
Now I'm getting what I’m worth for the work I do
Resolved that conundrum that had me stalled
Learned to speak up about what is important to me
Took the plunge and started a family

Finally wrote that book
Published those poems
Rocked that interview
Made that series of paintings
Got that solo exhibition
Granted that residency at MacDowell
Finished that script I'd been working on so long
Secured the job I’d been searching for
Summoned the courage to retire

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There is no obligation and your first thirty minutes are free.

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