Potent Conversations

Coaching conversations are potent conversations that occur about every two weeks over the course of 4 months to a year.  I provide wisdom infused encouragement, practical support, and a balance of seriousness and humor. With a combination of intuition and rigor, I curate a series of practices for you to carry out. With a steady hand, I guide you through a process that, with your active engagement, will lead you to:

  • Clarity concerning the general direction and specific longings at play in your life

  • Fulfilling that capstone project that may be a part of the next chapter of your life

  • Insights that wake you up to possibility

  • Assessments that may surprise you, and will liberate you by grounding you in reality

  • New habits and life practices that will renew your energy and radiance

  • The courage to soften

  • The courage to take action

This coaching process provides an alchemical container for you build the capacity to fulfill your current longings, which will lead to a life enhancing change of your making. It is simple . . . and it is an adventure in the truest sense.

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