Who I Serve: Women at Mid-Life

Perhaps you are hearing the call of mid-life? 

The clarion call of the Maga (wise woman) is heard by women at mid-life as a desire to re-calibrate ambition and soften into a life driven by meaning. Helping women respond to this call; to pause, to listen, and to summon the courage and the energy to give it a full answer is the primary focus of my coaching. What might giving it a full answer involve? Resolving concerns about the roads not traveled. Attending to that capstone project or career move that has been brewing. Learning to walk with the losses incurred along the way with more grace and even joy. Refraining from putting undue effort and attention into recapturing youth, and re-choreographing the dance of masculine and feminine in their lives. My clients are discovering the value of their life currency and the magic of radical self-care. They are renewing their energy and radiance by moving decisively into what deeply matters to them. Together we are finding and forging the passion, adventurous spirit, and the potency of the Maga.

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Are you aware that you are pioneering an entirely new phase of life?

The Maga is a new term for a new phase of women's lives. One that is opening up on account of our extended life expectancy and the health, radiance, and vitality that is available to us now in our mid-century years. No other generation in the history of humanity has had this phase so available to them. We are calling it Maga, because it deserves a name as well as our special attention. In a very real sense we are pioneers as we learn to live into this exquisite and potentially wonderful time in our lives.  Like each phase of women's lives the Maga phase calls forth specific challenges and opportunities. From my years of research, working alongside thousands of women, and from my own personal experience, I've learned some things about the call of the Maga.