Women's Lives and Leadership

I help women to step forward into the exquisite pleasures and challenges of being women in these times. With current and ancient wisdom concerning the masculine and feminine, I help you hone your grit (the powerful assertive side of you) and your grace (the caring and receptive side of you) and to bring them into a powerful balance. I point you in the direction of what is essential and true to you. While I draw on the successes and failures of my own life, I rely on many years of research and personal development to help women fulfill their promise as it unfolds.

  • How do you navigate the demands of your work and personal life without succumbing to Superwoman Syndrome?
  • What do you plan to do with the space that opens when your children leave?
  • Are you looking for meaningful ways to spend the second half of your life?
  • How effectively do you stand up for what you know?
  • Do you know when to stand down?
  • How tenacious is your follow through?
  • Does being authentic and strategic feel at odds to you?
  • What do you listen for?
  • Do you know how and when to give direction and support?
  • Are you able to initiate and foster real and fruitful dialogue?
  • How effectively do you craft the agreements that support collaboration and coherence?
  • How much quiet do you allow yourself?
  • Have you discovered the value of silence?

Together we explore questions such as these along with the specific ones you bring to the table. Together we hold the paradoxes until the contradictions begin to shift and wane, giving rise to the opportunity for transformation. Together we discover more and more about what is essential to your life promise; we build your capacity to lead your life with grace and grit. If this sparks your interest,  click here to book a free discovery session with me.