About Lyedie

As a master coach and facilitator, I have been helping artists, entrepreneurs and leaders hone their craft and successfully get the word out for many years. Now I am turning my attention to the spark and the tug of longing in the lives of women. Longings are a deeply felt full-bodied conversation that is always going on between self and the world, self and others, self and spirit. Longings are our yearning toward wholeness.  Losing touch with them, or ignoring them, is a cause of great suffering. What I bring to alleviating this suffering is a combination of rigor and intuition, a passion for the fullness of life, and a love for working collaboratively with capable, creative women who care deeply.

Caring deeply is not an easy path. I provide perceptive encouragement and steadfast support — creating a safe container for your longings to incubate, meet practicality and gain traction in the field of possibility. Being of service in this way brings me the great joy of being-on-purpose. Learn more about my credentials, my approach and all that razzmatazz by clicking here.

What you won't find by clicking there is this:  I'm enchanted by the way the fern pushes its tightly wrapped frond up through the ground in the spring, and then how it unfurls out into the open to meet the elements. I thrive on conversations that matter. I'm dogged in my longing to skillfully bring the power of the feminine forward, an inside job as well as a vocation.  I believe in love, first.

There is a particular passage in Jean-Yves Leloup's translation of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene that has served as a beacon for me ever since I read it when it was first published in 2002. It concerns the interplay of beauty, truth and goodness. In her Gospel, Magdalene offers us three questions to ponder using her characteristic call and response:

  1. What does goodness become when separated from light, consciousness, and truth? A softness that is the gateway to hypocrisy and compromise.

  2. What does truth become when separated from goodness, love, and beauty? A hardness that is the gateway to fanaticism and persecution.

  3. What does beauty become when separated from truth and goodness? Art for art’s sake, an aestheticism that is the gateway to a brilliance that clarifies nothing.

Working these questions, holding these polarities, is gritty and full of grace. It has become an essential activity for me as I thresh out and follow the call of my golden thread of longing. 

Admittedly, I'm very serious about beauty, truth and goodness — I'm also fierce about kindness.  At my best, I have a playful sense of humor that is ever so slightly mischievous (I like to think I got that from my Nana). I am also very lucky to have Wing Women at my side.

Enough said about me . . .